Philip McGrath


I am a full-stack web developer with 15 years' experience building bespoke websites for buisnesses, nonprofits, and individuals. I work closely with clients to discover their unique needs and to create an internet presence that complements their identity. I particularly enjoy empowering clients who don't have special technical skills. My goal is to build websites that are straightforward, durable, and elegant presentations of the client's message.

I am a regular contributor to many free and open-source software projects, most of which you can find through my GitHub profile. I have particular expertise with the Racket programming language, both as the author of several public packages and as a contributor the the implementation of the language itself.

I am also a singer, composer, and conductor, and I have a background in historical musicology, with a particular focus on medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque music. I have experience in arts administration, and I enjoy working with cultural organizations of all kinds.

If you are interested in my services, please write to me at philip@philipmcgrath.com. I look forward to hearing from you!